Me and the mod

My name is Sky and my IGN is SkyGuyGamer. I've been in the community for a good 6-8 years and have met a lot of amazing people. A few years ago a mod was created to make the lives of players easier by the player known as Traumatophobia. The mod a year or so later was updated by the player m0gliE. During this time the server was only ever Minecraft version 1.12.2 But as of late, the server seems to becoming to 1.19.2 and so I thought that this mod would need to be updated to be available for 1.19.2 players.

I first started on a 1.19.2 Forge fork when I realized that Forge is becoming outdated and less updated, so I decided to focus on a Fabric fork which is now my main project. I have updated most of the Forge version but I have decided to stop developing it. Its still available but I highly recommend people just use the Fabric version as it is much faster and a lot more developed. I've tried to keep most of the features the old mod had and I've included a lot more and plan to keep it developed as more additions happen.

I want to thank MagikIsAMush for helping with specific features and Dexuby for helping me with a few small questions.